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2009 Forester XT
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I am conducting a survey for my consumer behavior class and I'm using the Subaru forester as it object.

Follow the numbers on all the parts to answer the questions so that I know what goes where.

This is the survey


if you don't want to answer here, you can PM the answers if U want.

2009 Forester XT
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... maybe I'm just tired or something (read Canadian) but the format kind of confused me :confused:
Well basically its a projective motivational research instrument... Its a little different than your typical fill-in-the-bubbles style survey

The speech and thought bubbles are ways in which the person would respond and what they would think in their head (which may be different)... The rest is just thoughts, don't over analyze anything just go with your gut on what first comes to your mind

If you just list your answers in


format for where they would plug into the page it would be great.

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1. Did he get the turbo model, or the slow one?
2. Why'd he get a "mommy-wagon"?
3. What's so surprising about that?
4. Yeah, he loves the reliability and the safety.
5. Safe, Reliable, Fun
6. He wants the safest car for his family.
7. Special
8. Boring
9. alright
10. made for snobbish egotists.
11. Currently own two, have driven the SH body-style Forester when it first came out.
12. 41 as of today
13. (M)aybe - but I think this question is a bit personal for this survey
14. Sebastopol, CA

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1) Oh, that's cool. Those are like Impreza SUV's!
2) Why the heck did he get a Forester?!? Fail...
3) Wish I still had mine... I should sell this stupid Saab.
4) Yeah, they've got those cool turbo models. I hear they're pretty quick, and safe to boot!
5) Family & pet hauler. Underestimated, utility, reliable
6) He wanted something cheap and reliable that will last forever.
7) Unique
8) bland
9) better than chevy's
10) glorified Toyota's
11) Every generation
12) 24
13) Male
14) Niagara Falls, Ontario (Canada)

2004 XT
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1. Why?
2. I hope he at least got the turbo model
3. Well duh, is there a better brand out there?
4. They win tons of awards, why wouldn't he
5. expensive, broken, fun, safe
5. chicks dig it
6. fast and fun
7. great for their gas mileage
8. still in existence?
9. overpriced toyotas
10. yes
11. 27
12. male
13. Ellicott City, MD

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1) Was it an XT?
2) What year?
3) Heck yes he bought a Subaru!
4) Heck yes he bought a Subaru!
5) Lumberjack, camping, dirt, mud, mountain biking
6) He wanted something reliable, high quality, quick, and AWD that doesn't cost $50k.
7) Practical
8) Reliable
9) Boring and mundane
10) Toyotas
11) Every generation, owned a first generation
12) 24
13) Male
14) Maryland

2009 Forester XT
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oh sorry cuddles

I actually only needed 3 responses from people who own something from the product's brand.

Thanks everyone, its a HUGE help! :Banane36:

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1. What, why?
2. Isn't that a fupa car?
3. How much paper could I hold in the back?
4. How much paper . . . I mean, that's great.
5. Rally, reliable, AWD, tough, snow, lesbians
6. He liked to go to Tahoe.
7. Great
8. Economical
9. Big
10. Comfortable
11. Only when I open my eyes.
12. 32
13. I am married with an infant, not likely. (Male)
14. SF, CA

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1. Good for him
2. I feel kinda stupid for going with the CRV
3. Yep, not all millionaires are idiots
4. That must be a really good car
5. reliable, fast, great, comfortable, loyal
6. he wanted AWD, a boxer engine, and good fuel economy.
7. Cool
8. bland
9. unreliable
10. overrated
11. Yes
12. 36
13. M
14. San Francisco, Ca.

Forester X
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1. How wussy. Why not buy a real man's car?
2. I wish I had the self-confidence to rock a wagon/cute ute
3. I wonder if we lay the seats down what Pam would be game for
4. Yeah, they're super safe and practical
5. Angry toaster, fun, reliable, practical, safe, and most of all Outdoor activities and the fact that they are generally wicked awesome.
6. He makes good decisions.
7. Fun and practical
8. Reliable
9. Great trucks
10. Toyota crap-ola
11. Um.. yeah. I own one.
12. 28
13. Male
14. Gainesville, FL
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