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Is anyone using this tyre or the FK451?

If the answer is yes, can you tell me:

1. How it performs grip dry / grip wet / noise /wear

2. Does it give a harsh ride?

3. Overall diameter & revolutions per mile - (I can only find data for the FK451 on Falken websites)

Thanks guys :)

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I've got the FK451 but not in the same size. I've got 245/45-17's on a 17x8 rim.
Dry grip is awesome I've yet to find their limit with my current setup of 20mm RSB and Tein S.techs
Wet grip is also very good and they break away very preditably when pushed hard in the wet (when actually trying to find their limit)
12000 miles and still lots of tread left
A little noisy but very bearable...not as noisy as the BFG KDW2's or Yok AVS100's

I suppose the ride would be very similar since sidewall height would be approx the same, given that...the ride is very nice with the Stechs/FK451 combo.
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