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I installed the Morimoto XB yellow fog lights recently, and I'm pretty underwhelmed by their performance. The color is nice, the cutoff and pattern are near ideal, but the amount of light is only slightly better than the factory 35w foglights. It's good at the sides 15ft away, but dim 30 ft ahead.

I considered importing the PIAA-designed LED foglights from Japan, but they are pricey and the color is a cold white, which is good for driving lights but bad for fog. I see that Subaru also has some yellow LED foglights in Japan, but to my eyes they look identical to the Morimoto XB and cost more (are they better?).

Are there any super-bright, 3000 - 4000K LED foglights that have a decent cutoff? Ideally ones that fit in the SJ foglight surrounds with a minimum of fabrication.

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I really like the ability to change the color of my foglight bulbs based on weather conditions with a Boslla color changing bulb. I recently replaced my Diode Dynamics SLF cool white bulbs for these Boslla ones which are much brighter and allow me to select between 6500k cool white for clear nights, 4300k warm white for snowy weather, and 3000k yellow for foggy/rainy days. I have a few vids on YouTube that show how they look on the roadways esp the yellow which is my favorite... I ordered the H11 bulbs for my 2018 Foz!

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Does anyone have a source for the Diode Dynamics XML2 bulbs in yellow? All I can find are the newer SLF bulbs, but those have half the lumens of the XML2s.

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This is an assumption on my part, but with my motorcycle, the front yellow lights were on all the time so that I could be seen by others and not to improve my forward vision. It worked very well.
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