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A shout out to everyone here.....

I want to first thank everybody on this forum for being so helpful in providing their insights and answering my questions. I'm coming from an '05 legacy gt wagon, which was a tad too long for my wife's liking.

At long last...I finally found my Forester! Bought it about 10 days ago. An '07 XT Sport in urban grey metallic, automatic, and only 13.5K miles!
I've spent the last 4 months checking ebay, craiglist, autotrader,, carmax, you name it. I even routinely checked the used car inventories of nationwide subaru dealerships online. i was prepared to fly out to wherever and do a road trip on the way back.

I had to sell my Legacy wagon first in order to buy the XT. Luckily, the buyer of the Legacy and seller of the XT both lived in San Diego (which is about 100 miles away). So, I drove the Legacy down to the buyer. The buyer then gave me a ride to where the seller of the XT lived. Everything worked out perfectly.

My wife and I love it. Just like the legacy, getting into the XT puts a goofy grin on my face everyday. I love the slight rumble of the engine when it's idling.

to do list: buy cargo mat, rubber floor mats, compass mirror, front lip, and maybe rear spoiler.


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Congratulations on your '07 FSXT purchase! Thanks for posting pictures. WOW! Very low miles. :cool: I bought my '07 FSXT in July & have spent the last 4 months MODding it. Next year I'll be starting my power MODs. :wink:

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