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Hello every one, I am new here and loving it. My 04 xt smokes at idle as I have come to read some do. I pulled IC of and there is a little oil in it. Now with 115,000 miles I expected turbo. Anyways I went to replace the PCV valve knowing from reading on here that this is a big cause. I picked it up from an auto parts store witch was just the metal valve not the little plastic T it sakes home in on the car. Well it was tight of course and this is where I decided oh lets use an impact and a vise. Well it snapped in two.

My question is does the factory Subaru part come in that housing?

The car only smokes under idle not boost and on my TT Z when turbos went bad it seemed it was always under boost you could tell. Anyways HELP lol.

Thanks in advance.
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