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Hi everyone. Im new to this forum I just bought a 2006 Forester xt.

2 days aftet buying it from a used car dealership the CEL came on with codes P2440 and P2442, both valves stuck open.

Im in NY and there is a Lemon Law that gives you a 30 day warranty on uses cars from a dealer. I brought the car back and they replaced the valves. Just drove to Delaware to visit my girls family and leaving to go home this morning the light is back on, throwing the same codes.

Has anybody ever had this happen? Im wondering what could be causing this, and if I should just return the car at this point and find another XT (under the law the dealer has 3 trys to fix it and then must issue a refund if they’re unable to repair)

Could the relays be bad and not triggering the valves to close? Or is my secondary air system so gunked up it ruined 2 new valves in a week? Scratching my head and really frustrated here, im pretty handy on cars but im swamped with work and health issues right now i dont wanna shell out $1000+ on a car i just bought to have somebody block off the valves or retune.

Any advice is appreciated, or recommendations for a subaru mechanic in brooklyn/queens/long island that could take a look and get a second opinion from the dealer
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