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Another Canadian

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I'am new to Subaru's and to the forum. I just recently purchaced a 05 2.5x 156000km. Its in great shape, sadly I have no service records so i'm not sure about the timing belt and HG.(I'll have them replaced anyway before its a problem)
I also own a Vw GTI, & after seeing some XT's on here Wow! very impressive!
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Welcome to the forum from Niagara Falls! :bacon:
I would definitely do the timing belt, water pump, and all of the timing belt idlers. On a MY05 I wouldn't worry about head gaskets unless you can see the signs of a leak.
The Forester isn't known for having significant head gasket problems after MY03.
Welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

Congratulations on the Forester purchase. :cool:


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