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So here I am introducing myself in a forester forum...hmmm..

ok so I'm only joking. I'm actually quite excited to own my 2000 forester s. It has 154k beautiful, gold wrx rims and a wonderful engine knock. I bought her as my daily driver while my obs gets all sti-ish. So hello and please feel free to throw out any advice that you feel is necessary for me to know.

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Welcome! We’re glad to have you here. Subaru, the official car of New England! LFOD!

You've already done the first thing we ask of new members, and that's to provide an honest to goodness geographical location in your profile. The more fine-grained, the better! This is helpful to all of us in suggesting local sources of parts and service (and offering personal help). The next thing that would be useful is to put the vital info about your Forester into your signature. Year, model, and transmission type should do it. That lets us do a better job targeting our answers to any of your questions, and it makes it so that you don't have to remember to include this info in the text of your posts if you’re asking for assistance or advice.

In case you haven't already come across it, we've got a great FAQ sort of thread called Common problems, need your help! that everybody ought to become familiar with. It will point you to some of the best posts on how to deal with a lot of the more common situations you might encounter. And also look at the stickies up at the top of each forum's listings for answers to many of the most significant aspects of owning a Forester. Start with the stickies here at the New Member Introductions

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Advice from us, well where do I start...... Welcome.

You're already well seasoned with Subaru's. Timing belt and related parts replacement if not already done would boost your ownership confidence, inspecting periodically for head gasket issues, adding Subaru's coolant conditioner to hopefully put off a head gasket repair and participating with the knowledge you already possess would be a great start.

I was just going to mention what bbottomley said about incorporating some vehicle info into your Signature.
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