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I was bored this weekend... so I wrote an Amazon Alexa skill for Subaru Torque settings.

I haven't released it for certification yet, but I need some beta-testers. If you have any device running Alexa (e.g Amazon Echo, Amazon Echo Dot, Echo Show...), and want to play - PM me know your Alexa username and I'll add you to the private testing list.

What does it do?

Ask it about a bolt or fastener, and it'll give you the torque setting for it (head bolts excepted; they're too specialized, with all the preload, turn 180 degree, specific patterns)

Why does it do it?

I work in my garage with a Echo running to play music. I usually work with the FSM nearby, but sometimes I just want a quick lookup on a torque spec... and nobody else had written it (the universe is "People who have Amazon devices in their garages", plus "Subaru Owners", plus "Work on cars" - a pretty small list!)
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