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Has anyone been using aluminium wheel nuts?
Are they safe to use on the track and do they need regular tightening?
I have heard of cheap ones being nasty.
I had a set of Volk/Rays ones in my previous WRX and didn't have any problems even on track but I have just asked McGard who are the suppliers to Subaru/Sti and their nuts are steel ones costing 237 euros (spline kit with locking nuts and valves)! The Rays ones I had cost 100 pounds.
As I said, not that I had any problems with the Rays ones but it put me on seconds thoughts after realising the McGard ones are not aluminium and still so expensive.
I just ordered a set of TD wheels and I have the option to order aluminium nuts (2.50 pounds each) but they did not want to reveal the supplier so I don't want to buy no-name ones...
Any thoughts?
Thanks :)
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