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I just picked up my 06 and I try to set the alarm and here is what happens

pushed top button less than 2 sec

lights blinked and electronic chip sounded

alarm light on speedo flashed fast for 30 sec

2-3 seconds later ALARM SOUNDS

pushed bottom button alarm stops

alarm light on speedo is off now, doors still locked

unlocked car put key in and turned to "ON"

alarm light on speedo flashed twice (2)

IAW owners man: 2= shock sensor

Q= where and how do I adjust this this?

I have done all the Troublshooting IAW the owners manual to no avail.

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It's like the system in our B9 so it needs to be taken to the dealer and can only be done with the Select Monitor hardware.

I can't find the info but I think the numbers to set go from 1 - 10 for the sensitivity, and it's the oppsite of what you think one being the most and ten being the least. I think I got that right best to double check, I can't find the info right now.
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