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2009 Forester AWD
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Was driving on NJ turnpike today.

#2 Seatbelt light and chime went off, CD player started trying to eject stuck CD, and engine started shuddering ( seemed like it was ready to shut off.)

I pulled off exit and into a hotel parking lot. Turned off everything I could electrical, and kept engine on. After about 3 minutes, engine started running normally again. chime stopped, but #2 seatbelt light stayed on.

Seemed like Alternator was not charging, and engine was ready to cut off due to batt. draining. I had this in the past with a Honda. For the rest of the drive home, I had the seatbelt chime intermittent, even though right seat was belted.

Took to dealer and shut off engine. They had no time to look at it. When engine restarted, problem was gone.

Bought a batt / alt tester. Battery, and charging system show good on tester.

Any similar experiences ? Car was not wet. Rained the night before.:surprise:
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