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2003 Forester XS
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Air conditioner season is not off to a good start this year. The high pressure line that is routed under battery had a pinhole leak. The tube showed signs of corrosion, probably caused by battery acid. I attempted a repair by cutting out a few inches of metal tubing and bridging across the gap with some of the high-pressure rubber hose that's used for fuel injection. This was a good snug fit secured by standard hose clamps.
The fix worked for a couple of weeks until one end of the hose blew off with a loud pop, followed by a prolonged hissing sound like when a compressed air line breaks on a factory floor. This occurred while I was waiting in the drive-through lane at In-n-Out.
I reconnected that end of the hose using a touch of Aviation Form-A-Gasket. Now, a couple of months later, I find there's a very slow leak and there are traces of oil at the other end of the rubber hose. Is the oil not compatible with rubber? Do I just need to glue down this other end?
There is another Forester in the junk yard at the moment, but its high pressure line has a similar, though less-severe, corrosion problem. The replacement tubing is also available new from the dealer, but it looks to be a major effort to replace it while the engine is in the car.
Question: How would a pro fix this problem?
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