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Aggressive Fitment

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Hello there,

I'm hoping to get some help on some wheels and tires I'm looking at. I just want some verification that they'll fit with somewhat minimal modification. I've seen several people running similar set ups, but not the same one. I'm willing to pull and roll all corners. Here are the details:

2005 Subaru Forester XT stock suspension (soon to be coilovers, but not going very low)
18x9.5 +35 wrapped in 255/35ZR18

I'm thinking they won't fit with the 255's, but I don't like the look of stretched tires so with a 9.5 wheel 255 is best. My second option is:

18x8.5 +35 wrapped in 245/45ZR18 I've seen this exact set up with a minor roll in the rear

Any and all help is appreciated. This is my first build so if I sound silly feel free to educate me, but be gentle. Thanks
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