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aftermarket windshield - front/rear passenger floor pan flooded

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Hello Experts,

I'm a new member. I recently discovered my front and rear passenger floor boards standing in a a couple of inches of water after a rain storm. Approximately 10 days ago I had the front windshield replaced due to a long crack. I took it back to the window repair shop and explained the problem. It's an aftermarket window, but I'm not sure that makes a difference. The shop replaced the window today after doing a leak test, but they were balking on any further repairs. I pick it up tomorrow and will do my own water test. I called my auto insurance company today and spoke to them, as well. Just curious if anyone else has experienced this type of issue post front windshield install?
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Id be more worried about your dash...electronics/smells etc.

Jesus that's awful

Can you tell where its leaking through?'s not an ideal situation. The carpet can probably be cleaned, but the padding takes some time to dry out. If that's even possible. I checked where I could and determined the leak to be located near the firewall at the top of the dash where the bottom of the window is located. It drips from there down to the glove box edge and onto the floor. It's supposed to rain the next couple of days, so I'll know for sure tomorrow after I pick it up. I'll be able to get a better look at it this weekend, and will post photos/more info as soon as I can. Extremely frustrating.
Whenever I have had a windshield replaced the glass company has advised me not to get it wet for 24 hours, so you may want to wait a day before doing your leak test.
Thanks Bill. I'll keep that in mind.
Sorry about your situation. Was it a national chain type glass shop that did your repair?
The work was done at a shop in Livermore, California
This past weekend I disconnected the battery, removed the windshield wipers, and the cowl trim assembly. Cleaned four years of debris from underneath where the cowl is located (It's the channel where water is supposed to drain). My air blower intake is located at a side angle to eliminate water overflow issues (so, no leaks there). Performed a leak test and did not see any further evidence of moisture draining inside. Cleaned everything up with soap to prevent a bad seal and reinstalled everything except the battery. Used a wet vac to remove as much water as possible, but it seems the padding below the carpet still has a little moisture left (a bigger issue). I have this weekend to resume the cleanup effort. I plan on removing the passenger seat and all of the floor material (carpet, padding, etc.) to completely dry out the passenger side (front and back).
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