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I am looking to install an aftermarket head unit in an 09 Forester and am trying to find a good spot for a microphone before I start digging in.

The stock place for the 09s microphone appear to be on top of the steering wheel column. Starting with the 10s, the microphone moved to where the sunroof switch and sunglasses holder is. The 09 doesn't have a grille/slits in up there. I'm trying to avoid having it just sitting out somewhere in plain sight.

I can't post hyperlinks yet because of my post count but I figured this would fly because it's a link to another thread on this site.

Does anyone know what is behind thing in the picture in this post? Would this spot would be a good place for a microphone? The person thought that it might be where the automatic climate control thermostat/sensor would be. I don't have ACC, so I figured it would be an empty spot.

If you have any other suggestions for microphone placement, I'm all ears!

Thanks for the help!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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