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2006 Forester 2.5XT Auto
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Hey all, new to this forum as well as to my Forester (2006 2.5XT, auto)

First order of business was to swap out the stock, 6-cd changer unit and install a more tech-savvy head unit (Kenwood; unsure of the model number at the moment).

This is my second DIY head unit install and I connected everything as it should have been connected, except I noticed that the nothing was coming thru the rear speakers.

After reading up on some general advice from the almighty Internet, I checked to see if the rear speakers would work when I listened to the Tuner, as opposed to Bluetooth or AUX. Sure enough, I turned on the tuner and my back speakers were all there.

Switched the source back over to BT & AUX - no such luck.

On some forum, a member explained that they couldn't get their rear speakers to work unless they spliced the red ignition wire from head unit with the blue/*********** control wire.

Sure enough, it worked for me, to which I was elated.

However, one small quirk has arisen: the head unit now stays on after I take the keys out of the ignition. I can manually turn off the head unit with the power button, however I worry that this may lead to larger problems in the long run.

Does anyone have any helpful advice that can clarify my little mystery? I may take it back out tonight or tomorrow and tinker with it to see if splicing the wires is necessary.

Thanks in advance!
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