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I used a Firestik CB antenna mount that goes inside the fender along with one of their Fire-ring cables.
I ran the cable back around the gap along the top edge of the fender and covered it with a short piece of windshield washer tubing, maybe 5/16", to keep the sharp fender edge from cutting it.
Remove about half of the fasteners from the fenderwell liner on passenger side and if you look carefully there is a rubber grommet already available where you can cut the cover off and run the antenna wire right into passenger compartment. I used a little RTV sealant and left a little extra cable hanging there and zip-tied to existing wiring harness so any running water would drip down.
Inside removing the glove box makes routing the antenna cable a lot easier.
I had 9ft cable and cut the existing CB connector off to make routing easier.
I used Radio Shack "motorola" type twist-on connector. You have to "tin" the braided center conductor before tightening the center screw. I also carefully used a small tip soldering iron to get a connection on the outer ground part too.
To adapt the CB mount to auto antenna, I got a stainless 3/8-24 bolt from a bolt supply, I think either 1 1/2 or 2" length. You want a unthreaded section at the top to add strength. I then drilled and tapped the bolt from the top M6. Then, I got a M6 bolt and tightened using red loc-tite. Then cut off head of M6 bolt so only a "stud" was sticking up for car antenna mount.
Got a black 31" auto antenna from AutoZone and installed.
I did use Rust-Oleum textured black paint on the stainless mount and so far it is holding up OK.

Reception improvement is marginal, but I was able to get a couple weak stations I enjoyed driving around that I couldn't get before. A toss up if I would do again or not. I do like the way it looks, so I'll probably leave it.

Didn't see many boosters available. Most reviews said they boosted static as well as signal so I didn't bother. Professional car audio places basically said if you want good FM to buy a $400 radio. I have maybe $50 or so in my antenna.
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