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I have a long story about how my AP was installed but i'll skip that part just say that Cobb bought me a new ecu after the old one was turned into a paper weight. They shipped the new ecu and repaired AP, (they did the reflash for me) so all i had to do was install the ecu and have it towed to the dealer since I have an 05 the dealer has to re-enable the immoblizer.

Now that i have a working ap I thought i'd explore the "read cel codes" option. I found that there was the listed P1571 showing. However there was no CEL on the dash. Did the dealer maybe cause the code while trying to reprogram the immobilizer mabe?

Is the code just left over in memory and I need to reset the ecu?

On page 62 of the current ap owners manual there are codes listed but not the P1571. Does anyone know what this is or where else there is a complete listing of cel codes?

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found this too:

P1571 Traction Control System PWM Circuit No Frequency

I looked in the 04 and 05 SM and did not find the code but came across this:

That has it listed as what I first posted, not sure what it means though.
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