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After 10 years without, it's time for my 2nd

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I'm currently shopping for my second Subaru, a 2019 Forester in Premium trim with some options and accessories. The Xterra I drive now was bought in 2009 to replace the 2007 Impreza I had previously. Until the Xterra, I typical would move from car to car every 2 years or so. It changed me. The Xterra has been a great rig and is running strong but it's just time for a different experience. I'm hoping I find love with the new Forester. First, I have to track down to right deal and I'm close to order time. Anyway, once I do make the commitment, it'll be quick to receive some upgrades.

Thanks for reading,
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@coregrind welcome to the forum from another Oregon member! :biggrin:


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welcome to the forum from another Oregon member!
Hey, thanks. The deal has been finalized and my vehicle should be delivered at some point this month. The ordering of parts has already started. Oh, the agony I’ll have to endure while waiting for my Forester to arrive.
Welcome and congrats! Lucky you're up in PNW where all the cool shops for the Foresters are at.
Thanks again for the greetings. I took delivery of my Premium on March 29th.

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