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So I am coming from a 2013 Impreza Sport Premium Hatchback 5 Speed, I've been planning the forester
replacement for a while so I had enough time to see what I wanted and figure out how to make
it happen. My focus was more on choosing quality components and doing quality work while
making smart decisions aka sweet for cheap. Picked her up on August 17, 2015.
Almost done only thing left is audio which is currently being done.

2016 Subaru Forester 2.5i Premium 6 Speed

Stock Parts Ordered With Car
Rear Bumper Cover
Sport Grille
Auto-Dimming Mirror with Compass and Side Approach Lights
Rear Seat Back Protector
Fog Lights
Rear Cargo Tray
Rear Cargo Cover
Rear Hitch
Side Sill Plates
License Plate Bracket DCOLICBRKFOR14 FO-14-FP
Aero Cross Bar Set

WRX STI Steering Wheel
WRX STI Leather Shift Knob
OEM Rear Spoiler
OEM Engine Block heater
SSD Chambered Exhaust (REPLACED AFTER 2 YEARS)
Nameless Performance Axleback Exhaust with 5" muffler
Husky Weatherbeaters Floor Liners 99881
Rally Armour Mud flaps, MF28-UR-BLK/GRY
Battery: Bosch AGM Battery Part # 35-650BAGM 650 cca @ 0F 780 cca @ 32F
Hella Supertones Horn Kit, Blue, with Subimods Hella Horn Bracket
Heatshield Sun Shade 1422W (windshield), 1422T (moonroof)
Front Wipers: Bosch Icon 26A & 17B
Rear Wiper: TRICO Exact Fit Rear Wiper Blade, 14B
Oil: Kendall GT1 Full Synthetic with Liquid Titanium 0W-20
Engine Air Filter: ACDelco A3109C
Cabin Air Filter: Wix 24030
Transmission Fluid and Rear Diff fluid: Motul Gear 300 75W-90

LLumar ATC Window Tint 35% front
Global Window Films NR Quick Dry Plus 20% rear, 5% moonroof

OEM HID Lights
SSD Light Bar
PIAA 5772 570 LED Driving Lamp Kit
Clear Laminx on PIAA lights
Headlight Armour GT Yellow Fog Light Film Covers
Interior Lighting LED: Diode Dynamics License/Trunk 194 HP5, Map/Dome SMF6, Door 194 HP3, (white)
Backup Lights: Diode Dynamics Backup LED 921 XP50, Cool White

WRX STI 20mm Rear Sway Bar
SSD Front Strut Tower
Forester Pink STI Front Coil Spring ST20330SF0 and Rear Coil Spring ST20380SF0, ~15mm down

Hawk HPS 5.0
Front: EBC USR 7411
Rear: SP Performance T47-12047033
Motul 5.1 Brake Fluid

Katzkin Custom Interior with Perforated Leather and Degreez Seat Heating and Cooling for Driver and Passenger
Color: Dove Gray on Body, Charcoal on Face of Seat, Charcoal Stitching
Interior Inserts Matched to New Colors

Sound Insulation for all Doors, Rear Hatch and Rear Hatch Area
Front Speaker System: Hertz HSK 165XL
Rear Speakers: Audison Prima APX 6.5
Amp: Alpine PDX-F6
Subwoofer: JL 10TW3-D4
Subwoofer Amp: JL XD600/1v2
Headunit: Pioneer AVH-X490BS
Old Headunit: Pioneer AVH-X5700BHS

Wheels: Enkei EKM3, color: Gunmetal
Size: 17x7, Offset: +45mm, Backspacing: 5.74", Bolt Pattern: 5-100, Weight: 20.4lbs.
Tire: General AltiMAX RT43 V Speed Rated, 225/60R17, 99H, Weight: 25 lbs
OLD Tire: Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season Plus, 225/60R17, 99H, Weight: 26 lbs (lasted only 18k)
TPMS: 315 MHz Tire Pressure Sensor

Wheels: Method Rally Series MR501, color: Bronze
Size: 17x8, Offset +42mm, Backspacing: 6.141, Bolt Pattern: 5-100, Weight 24lbs
Tire: General Altimax Arctic, 255/65R17, 99Q, Weight: 27 lbs
TPMS: 315 MHz Tire Pressure Sensor

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STI Pinks

Ordered from japanparts, a necessary complement for sway bar and front strut tower upgrade, no more bouncy
floating feeling, car handles potholes nice and firm not too firm just the way I want it to without skipping a beat,
alignment after, even though steering wheel went on perfect it was still a tad off. Drop will be offset with
higher side wall tires for winter, I would say its about 13mm down, but officially the spec sheet for the springs list
15mm. Best option if you wish to maintain oem ride height, you could also do a 15" rally rim with a high sidewall
to get it perfect.


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Had to add the sti steering wheel as 2.5i wheel wrapped in leather would not look so nice, there were other steering wheels
on japanparts but didn't want to pay the custom and could get the sti one for cheap. Shift knob added after the fact
on a whim. Self contained seat heating and cooling, easily serviceable, total power usage is 100 watts per seat
more info posted on thread here.
I am attempting to keep everything as OEM looking as possible so a normal person cannot tell the difference which
means the OCD is strong with these changes.

For the 2.5i premium drivers

You will require 34342FJ000 which is the cover spoke and the screw 34336FA000
For the steering wheel cover for 6 speed foresters the part number is 34317VA000

More info for steering wheel swap here


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As of right now shes at my friends shop who is doing the audio install, the way I have the system spec-ed
out everything should run at 4 ohms and I told him hes in charge, gonna sit this one out, goals of the audio
system are a very well balanced speaker and sub setup for listening to whatever, no boom car or any
of that crap, I am gonna blast ekalibur by wagner but I am allowed some fun :lol: then system of a down
still haven't decided which song should wake her up. Also can't loose any cargo space or etc so
sub is going above spare tire. Keeping SiriusXM intact eventhough I don't use it.

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Nice looking car man!
Great buy!
Enjoy it!!
Thanks, I still hold out hope that the stick will stick around, to borrow the pun, I just can't stand the cvt but I know its inevitable. :crying:
I am really jealous of all you XT with stick, I would have been all over that :nerd:

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Looks great! Post a picture when you mount your winter wheels.
Your in for a wait, I have them packed away in storage, usually slap them on before or after thanksgiving, I'll throw up the pics then unless winter weather kicks off early. :smile2:

UPDATE: found these, waxed them before I put them away :lol:


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Looking good man. I love what you've done so far! I wish i would've upgraded my headlights when our forester was damaged in the accident.

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Looking good man. I love what you've done so far! I wish i would've upgraded my headlights when our forester was damaged in the accident.
christmas is in two months I am sure certain vendors who are dealers will be offering discounts :lol:

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My friend owns his own shop so he got the pleasure of the install, the rear was more involved than the fronts , I also have a shop manual so that's helps me judge what I feel like and don't want to do.
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