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I'm sure this had been done to death on, but then I wasn't paying attention :eek: and now it's too late!

MY2002 Euro spec Forester Turbo S

Have stock 16" Geolandars and want better tyres/tires. Now the Geos are 25k miles worn, I don't feel like a wastrel if I bin them. My choice for all-season rubber is Bridgestone RE950 or Continental Extreme Contact, depending on prcing. I also want to upgrade the wheels at the same time to allow for fitment of 4 pot brakes at some point before I get an EcuTek remap in the summer.

My preference is for 17" alloys, but I could be tempted by 18" if the ride quality doesn't suffer too much from the lower profile tyres. I like being able to glide over speed bumps for example.

Would be pleased to hear your experiences with 17"s or 18"s as a friend is taking me over to his supplier in the east of Holland in a couple of weeks and I need to make a decision!

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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