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Advice on tire specs please

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Hi All, needing to replace all geolanders on 06 XT and after a search found very little to offer in the form of 215/55/17 for suv's. Not wanting a performance road tire but a suv tire for some light off roading and not geolanders. However a 225/55/17 widens my choice. So my question is would I be able to fit 225/55/17's on stock rims without any implications to the car? Cheers.
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To keep the correct rolling radius (and maintain your speedo within limits) you should really be looking at 225/50/17
What about fitting something like Nokian WRA3s in the right size?
I have been running 215 55 17 Pirelli p7 tyres for a few years now and found them to be very good all round and lasted ages in my experience
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