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1997 Subaru Forester s/tb
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Hi everyone, I'm interested in a 1997 *** import 2.0 turbo (s/tb) manual

ebay uk item number 143127944680
(not allowed to post links or photos yet)

My main concerns:
1)repair costs/availability of parts as it is an import* (2009 to the UK from Japan)
2) NO service history (repairs will not be done by myself)

*(2009 to the UK from Japan, theres very little info online and little sign of others here in the UK)
I believe its an EJ20g engine.
(most repairs will not be done by myself)

I just want to know if I'd be making a huge mistake long term.

Any advice very very appreciated!

Subaru Forester stb (sport turbo) forerunner to sti 123000
bulletproof 2.0 turbo engine and rare manual box (same as impreza)
JDM = 250bhp as standard with good spec
very good body work (excellent for age) bright paint and no rust
full leather interior, heated seats
air con and cruise control
subaru immobiliser, central locking (needs new actuator on drivers door)
bbs 18" black alloys in very good condition with new tyres all round
12 months MOT with no advisories
new battery new wipers
tow bar fitted with electrics
ready to drive and enjoy or a fantastic base for modding
sitting on standard struts for winter but will come with lowered coil overs
fun, reliable, practical, easy to maintain and a real sleeper
selling as my new car is arriving soon
offers welcome


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2004 forester sti
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I love these , but have no experience of this model but you have come to the right place .
the questions I would be asking are, when was the last cam belt change , when was the last clutch change .
I couldn't see how much they want for it?
It will probably need a full bush kit so if there is no evidence of any of these things being done try to knock the cost of these off the price .
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