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Adjusting TPS & changing spark plugs?

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There are some references to the TPS being a possible culprit in erratic acceleration issues but does anyone have a recommendation as to how the TPS is meant to be set. The mounting on the 99 UK allows the unit to swing through about 10 degrees and someone did mention that 0.4V should correspond with tickover, but not how or where that is measured. Anyone have any advice on this please. Also, how the hell are you meant to change the spark plugs on a Forester, I can't even get my hands down the side of the cylinder heads. There is a write up somewhere on doing this with an N/A but that doesn't seem to have as much plumbing as the turbo so removing the airbox is unlikely to free up enough space. Any help would be appreciated.
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To give some advise on the 2nd part of your post......

TPS checking info attached .....TPS_01.pdf

Have you not visited this page and downloaded this info? It may be for a MY01 but much the same.
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I did find some info after I posted above but not as good as your attachments. Between them, Mike and Simon make most things technical easier to understand, I think. That pdf on the TPS is very useful. I have a service manual on pdf but it's for a US 2.5l, do you know where I can get one for the 99UK? Thanks Don.
As in my post above the earliest manual "available" in pdf format is the MY01

It covers most of what you would require as it is the "European and General" version.
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