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Hey folks, I was unlucky enough to get hit by a red light runner.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Snow Crash
Click to enlarge.

Short notice after being told it's totaled: I'm allowed to take the four alloy wheels and winter tires off (great tires, used one season) and put my impreza alloys with worn summer tires on, before it's towed away.

Here's my question: is it unwise to do that considering that that one wheel took some impact? To the naked eye, it looks fine. Obviously I'd have it check out and replace the wheel if it's out of whack.

But even if it checks out, should I just stay away, not risk unseen damage, keep my four good wheels and buy new winter tires?

I'll be buying a replacement Forester, which will probably have all-seasons on.

Thanks so much in advance!
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