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Posting for my dad, who has an 04 Forester XT auto with about 70k miles on it. He recently noticed a noise when it's cold, but now it's doing it warm too. Upon acceleration, it sounds like tires spinning on snow, but more metal like. I'm not sure what a slipping transmission sounds like, but if I were to guess, it'd be this. I drove it and it seemed to do it most when you gas it, but the RPM's don't fly up.

He just had his transmission serviced, and just got 2 new tires. He didn't realize how far off his alignment was when he got 4 new tires
, so 2 of them showed cord in about 4k miles. The 2 new tires were measured in comparison to the 2 existing tires and were within 2/32'' of eachother, so that shouldn't be a problem... right?

Any ideas on what's wrong?
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