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About to find out if this Nissan/Honda guy likes a subaru

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I picked up a road hard put away wet 99 forester L

its blown 3 engines (lets hope its not cursed) and came without one, or a harness.

I have a EJ20 twin turbo I had gotten in plans to build an 818, but this car will need it first, and teach me about the brand.

It sounds like you guys greatly prefer OEM gaskets, so I'm off to the dealer soon to get oil pan and valve cover gaskets, and crank and cam seals and a rear main seal.

The plan is to put a WRX header, up pipe, and downpipe on the car so the engine will fit my left hand drive car.

I have some newbie questions:

What harness can I use for the engine?
How much power is the stock fuel pump good for?
What ECU will plug in or require the least amount of modification to work with the recommended harness.

The car is a bit of a whore, so I wont hesitate to cut the cross member to clear the up pipe, and im cheap and lazy.

I'll snap some pictures later when I get the new to me tires fitted.

Previous owners picture

The wheels about to be gloss black, and refitted, again previous owners picture
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the ej20 twin turbo you have is the ej208, right? I honestly haven't heard great things about them but not from experience, only from reading about them. Regardless, as far as the ecu goes, it may be easier for you to go standalone because i would imagine you need to find the ej208 ecu. The only other thing i could think of is to put usdm ej205 heads on your block and then you could use the corresponding ecu.
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