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2006 WRX Spec-C 6MT
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2004 Forester XT.
Purchased August 2006 with 20K on the clock.

Yeah, ok. I know most of you have seen most of these. Still, I need a place to document and whore some more photos.

Mr. September 2012 and FOTM June 2011:

Me, and Fozzie.

At the track..

She isn't afraid of snow and dirt.



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2006 WRX Spec-C 6MT
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Cleverly Tuned by Jason Cleverly
STi IHI VF39 Turbocharger
STi Exhaust Manifold
TiTek Up Pipe
TiTek S.S. Catted Down Pipe
Bosal 3" Mid Pipe
STi Axleback
GrimmSpeed 3 Port EBCS
Walbro 255 Fuel Pump
NGK Iridium 1 Step Colder Plugs
Subtle Solutions Splitter
Cusco Catch Can
Cobb S.S. Heatshield
Fog Light CAI

Swift Forester Springs
KYB GR2 Struts
Whiteline Com-C Camber/Caster Plates
Whiteline Roll Center Adjustment Kit
STi Steering Rack
Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings
STi Spec C Aluminum Front Control Arms
Whiteline Sport Anit-Lift Kit (ALK)
STi Aluminum Lateral Links
Group-N Lateral Link Bushings
Perrin Adjustable (20/22/24) Front Swaybar
Energy Suspensions Swaybar Bushings
Cobb Adjustable (20/22/24) Rear Swaybar
Cobb Aluminum Adjustable Swaybar Mounts
Kartboy Solid Endlinks Front and Rear
RE Front Strut Tower Brace
Whiteline Rear Strut Tower Brace
GT Spec 3-Point Fender Braces
Whiteline Rear Subframe Lockdown Bolts
Rolled Rear Fenders
H&R Rear Camber Bolts

17" x 7.5" ET48 Rota SDR in Gold (winter)
225/50/17 Hankook Icebear (winter)
17 x 8" ET48 Enkei NT03+M in Gold (summer)
245/45/17 Continental Extreme Contact DW (summer)

-1.6* Camber Front
-0.7* Camber Rear
0.0* toe F/R
~5.8* Caster Front

Brembo Front Calipers
Brembo Front Rotors
Stoptech Performance Front Pads
Stoptech SS Braided Lines
Racing Brake Legacy Slotted Rear Rotors
Racing Brake Legacy Caliper Adapter
Stoptech Performance Rear Pads
STi 17/16" Master Cylinder
ATE Superblue

Cobb Adjustable Short Shifter
Cobb Front Shifter Bushings
Cobb Shift Lever Bushings
Kartboy Rear Shifter Stay Bushing
STi Group N Tranny Mount
TiC Tranny X-Member Bushings
Yelnats HD Shift Knob

STi JDM Hoodscoop
Importology Lip
Importology Grill
Importology Eyelids
Black Painted Headlights
Plasti-Dip Headlight Surrounds
"F" Grill Badge
06 OE Rear Taillights
VHT Nightshades on Tails
3M Color-Stable Tint; 50% Front, 35% Rear, 20% Cargo
OEM Rear Dust Deflector
Flapatax Red Urethane Mud Flaps (winter)
Full Car De-Badge
XTi Rear Badge
"ROM" sticker on back

Weight Loss:
Exhaust replaced with SS parts
Suspensions arms replaced with AL parts
Front subframe steel "U-Brace" removed
Rear roof-mounted seatbelt removed

STi steering wheel 04
WRX Front Seats 03
Yelnats Aluminum Honeydipper Shift Knob
Delrin Shift Knob with engraved "F"

Lighting / Electrical
CDM HID Lenses w/ Philips 3500K HID kit
STRI DSD SLMII Boost Gauge in Amber
STRI DSD SLMII Oil Temp Gauge in Amber
PIAA 510 Ion Crystal Fogs Behind the Grill
LED Corners in Headlamps
Rockblocker Yellow Foglight Film
iPod Interface

Motor - Amsoil 5W 30 Synthetic Signature Formula
Tranny - 50/50 Redline LW Shockproof/Motul Gear 300
Rear Diff - Amsoil Severegear 75W 90
Brake- ATE Superblue


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2006 WRX Spec-C 6MT
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Waiting to be installed:
WRX Side Spats

Home-made Skid PLate

Want to get:
Whiteline Trailing Arm Race Bushings
Kartboy Pitch Stop
Kartboy Outrigger bushings

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04 Acura TSX the slick 6 speed
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A beauty!!!! Great pics, tasteful mods, you rock! You got PM!!!

Forester of the month!!! Forester of the month!!!

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2006 WRX Spec-C 6MT
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I didn't like the way the original elbow fit, and I didn't like the idea of a piece of radiator rubber holding the turbo to the Y pipe. So I bought a piece of silicone in red with a 90* bend. $45 at my local place. Cut it to fit right, and Viola!
Fit's great, no more worries, and looks great.

Another angle:

I highly suggest anyone that is running a STi TMIC with the TD04 do this. Keeping the original elbow on there is no good. It barely fits. Rubber is ok, but the snail gets REALLY hot, and rubber and heat don't play well. If anyone wants the silicone (comes in a variety of colors), I can give you the contact info for the seller. It's cheap insurance for boost leak and safety.

I have a bunch of couplers left over from the original piece, almost 18". Now to figure out what to use it on....

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2006 WRX Spec-C 6MT
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Thanks. I had some problems with it, that I posted here... , but it all worked out.
I've had a chance to get on it already. I notice NO pressure drop, and a small seat-of-the-pants increase in power.
What was noticeable was lag. There is a definite difference in how long the car takes to get to max boost, which would make sense given the larger capacity of the IC.
Also, the BPV is quieter than that of the stock IC. Strange, but the release sound is almost gone..
Overall a good upgrade, and a necessary one for the VF39 sitting in my closet.

2008 Forester Sport
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^ I know I read them all and was with ya every step of the way........Mine's on with the will be very happy once its installed and tuned with the other necessary supporting mods.....I'm excited for ya!

And once tuned, boost can come in sooner and the lag removed.......super fun to drive. :rock:

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2006 WRX Spec-C 6MT
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Love it. Very compliant, rides smoother than stock (springs are better matched to the stock struts). When the twisties come, watch out! Excellent balance, easily induced and controlled oversteer. It's great for a daily driver.
Having the adjustability in front and rear also really helps out in the winter.
The Swifts are great. They are smooth and handle so well. Not to mention you can still drive off road like my last road trip...
The only complaint I have is dive. When really hitting the brakes the car still dives more than I like. Nowhere near stock, but I'd like something stiffer. We’ll see what the future holds.

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2006 WRX Spec-C 6MT
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Stock vs. PlastiDip

No more chrome ring, smooth black color. I think this stuff will actually do well with rocks too.

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2006 WRX Spec-C 6MT
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I've had a couple of people PM me about the Plasti-dip, so I'll just post it here.
Plasti-dip can be found at any Home Depot. It's in the spray-paint section in a can labeled "Plasti-Dip." It's a rubberized paint that can actually peel off if you don't like it!
I sanded my grill first with 150 grit sandpaper, although it would be fine if you didn't. I layed down light coats every 45 minutes, and did not use a clear coat.
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