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The backstory: I left work to find my car having a dent in the driver side rear door. I looked at the person parked next to me and it was a white utility van and their door looked to line up with the dent. So I took out my flashlight and took a closer look. There was dark gray surbaru paint on their door and white paint on mine. It was pretty obvious. So I got in touch with the guy (long story) and he agreed to pay for the repair and to have me get an estimate.

Estimate 1: I took the car to a recommended body shop. They do a lot of dealer work and seem to be pretty busy and don't NEED the work. That being said it was a small place and it has excellent reviews. The guy came out and took a quick look and wrote up an estimate. $1700 to fix it. He said they will have to re-skin the door and blend and paint everything to match. The work should take about a week and the shop is about 25 mins from where I live.

Estimate 2: I was a little flabbergasted by the first estimate so I took it to a shop down the street (maybe 5 min drive from my house). The guy looked at it, wrote up and estimate and said it would take a couple days to a week. His estimate was $1200 but he wouldn't be re-skinning the door. They would pop the dent out, feather it in and blend the paint.

Here's my dilemma. I'm not to concerned with price because this guy or his insurance will pay for it. The thing I'm worried about is the difference in the repair. I am not familiar with body work at all so I'm posting here to hopefully get some advice. I'd imaging re-skinning the door will have a better outright appearance but does it open it up to rusting problems down the road? (I live in the north east where they salt the heck out of the roads so rust is a huge issue) Is popping the dent out and feathering it back in going to look wavy? Both guys commented on how thin the metal on the doors are so this had me wondering. Any comments or thoughts are appreciated! -Mark
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