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2015 XT CVT.....sadly !
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A bit of fun.....a song I wrote yesterday about hesitation issues that I've had for over a year with my Foz, drove me nearly mad but now happily sorted

I hope it brings a smile and no doubt a few on here will be able to relate to some of the hassle ...!

Apologies for the quality, it was iPhone quality, and as for the quality of the singing and playing...I'm afraid there's nothing I can do to fix that :icon_eek:

Lyrics translated below, in case the Scottish accent confuses ye'all


1) And here's a story about my Foz
It's cost me lots and that's because
I bought one that proved to be approved by a dealer

2) It looked real nice, it were right bright white
It went quite fast and it felt just right
If it wasn't for that hesi - hesitation

As you can imagine, it annoyed me so
When I pressed the pedal and I wanna go
and I ever got, was hesitation

3) The Dealer kind of tried, changed this changed that
But it threw no codes, so that was that
and a re-map left a little...hesitation

4) So replaced MAF, Compression checked
Spark plugs changed and coils came next
Knock Sensor too, but still the hesitation


5) In the end, well I was stumped
A thread somewhere, said fuel pump
I ordered one more out of desperation

6) You see the Dealer said he's checked it well maybe he did
But the mechanic looked no older than a little kid
Who probably didn't even know the pumps location


I'll be damned, it's cured that splutter
So if hesitation's something your Foz suffers
Check the fuel pump without...Hesitation

Original thread about the problem here:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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