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Hi guys,

I have a question here, little weird thing I have here. I am planing to change the color of my SUBARU grille emblem with the stars, but I did not feel like taking it off and doing stuff to it, so I ordered one from SUBARUPARTSFORYOU.Com.

Here is a part:

I assume it is a genuine OEM part, no reason to distrust them, I ordered stuff from them before and it is always as advertised...

But, here is my small problem, the background of the emblem is moss green, or dark greenish/bluish, not the "true" SUBARU blue... which is weird... and it even appears to be like that in the picture.

However, on my 2001 S Blue Ridge Pearl, the badge is genuinely blue, just couple of shades darker than the color of the car... :confused:

And I know it has never been played with before, it is what the mama factory gave my foz when she was born in 2000 in Japan...

Any thoughts? I do not really care, since I will take the new badge I got apart, just curios about this change in the color...

Attaching a better picture of the green badge...


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If memory serves me right I vaguely remember the factory subaru badge coming in black, blue, and the dark green for the late '90s early '00s Foresters. I want to say the badge color changed depending on the body color, but don't hold me to that. I may be wrong.

Time for a poll? what is your badge color?
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