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This thread gives me alot of hope!

I found my water leak and it is getting in at the upper passenger-side corner of the windshield and flowing down the inside of the A-pillar and draining under my dash to the floor. And the inside roof material is moist at the top of this panel. I'd like to remove this pillar cover but now I'm not so sure.

Sorry to hear that your windshield saga is continuing.
I've removed my A-pillar trim pieces several times and it takes more force than you would think. Just start at the top and pull the trim piece straight away from the body. Chances are the some of clips will break, that is if they weren't already broken by the windshield install guys. Those clip are almost single use.

Our guy Ferret told me that the clips are part #909100027. I'm looking forward to proving him correct myself! Ugly job it is.
That number is correct. I've bought a few of them. :icon_biggrin:
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