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As we all know, paypal is one of the most widely used ways we do our transactions. Because most business comes from forums such as this one, and paypal is not linked to these forums, it is of great importance that we keep track of who bought what.
Unfortunately I have noticed about 1/3 of the customers neglect to fill out the return address portion on the paypal payment, and worse, often dont even note what they are paying for. Normally this isnt a big deal, but on things like parts that have to be ordered, or on things such as porting services, this can be a big problem. Right now I have 2 turbos sitting in my garage that I have absolutely no idea where to ship. Both customers are on Nasioc, and Nasioc's PM system is broken at the moment, so I cant get in to try to match up the name in the PM to the paypal payment. Typically paypal payments get printed out and taped to the box with the turbo in it. Unfortunately sometimes this doesnt happen for whatever reason or if the box is in bad shape the turbo gets put into another box and the printout doesnt make it with it.
If the paypal payment has the return address and what they are paying for listed in it, its pretty easy to match up what goes where.

But even at that, sometimes it takes an hour to track down who's turbo I just ported, or who the parts that just showed up belong to and need to go.

I know that if my system was a bit tighter this would be easier. However, it really only takes a couple minutes to fill out a paypal payment correctly.
Hopefully people dont take this the wrong way, I am only trying to make my and my customers lives easier.

In fact at this point from this date forward if I receive a paypal payment without any return shipping address, I will have to cancel the payment altogether. I dont want to have to take this measure, but unfortunately it just makes things too difficult when it comes to getting customers their parts and keeping records.

So in the future, whenever you use paypal to pay someone (any vendor out there) for parts/service, please include the following.

1. Full return shipping address
2. What you are paying for
3. Your screen name, and preferably, what forum you are on.

At least include your return address though:icon_cool:

Anyway, thanks for listening. :lol:


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All good info Dave.

Just to add on to that a little bit, if buying OEM parts a VIN # is always helpful. When we are shipping parts across the country we want to eliminate any possible differences between Fed and Cali spec. :biggrin:

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