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We are replacing our trusted but starting to age Grand Vitara 2004. It is a great car, with great off-road capabilities and only once have let me down on a trip (a 5$ hose broke). The engine is fine, but as and old car it has somes issues, I live 60Kms from the nearest mechanic and live in Chilean patagonia, where a car part usually has to be brought from Santiago, 2500kms away. That, and here is a free zone where the 2019 Forester is 3000$ cheaper.

So, after a lot of searching we decided on the Forester. On the same prince range I think the only one that beats his off-road capabilities is the old Grand Vitara, with diff lock and 4L mode, but I think the Forester can take to the same places that the Vitara.

So, we will soon be owners of a 2019 Forester to continue exploring Patagonia.
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