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A/C Issues in '15 Forester

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Hey, first time posting here, hoping to find some help.

I purchased my Forester used last October, and have so far loved every second of it. It's my first Subaru, and it's met nearly every expectation. I had no issues all winter long here in East Tennessee. Handled great, and the heater kept me nice and toasty all winter.

My issue has begun now that it's starting to heat up outside. When I first start driving, it pumps out nice, cold air. But if the temps get above 80, the A/C slowly starts going out, to the point that it will eventually start blowing out hot air. It's become completely miserable. My wife and I came home from Charlotte the other day, and had to make the whole trip with nothing but open windows. If it rains, it's enough to make me almost pass out from the heat. I can't take it anymore. I love this car, but it's getting to where I dread getting in it anymore. Note, as long as it's not over 80 or so out, the A/C will blow ice cold continuously. Also gets worse on interstate or after prolonged use.
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@Matthew Mottern I see this is your first forum post, so welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

Take a look at this thread to see if your problem is the same: :confused:

2017 Forester - AC stopped working AGAIN


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Check the TSB below to see if it might apply to your car.

If so, even though you might be out of warranty, I’d discuss with your local Subaru dealer and /or call SOA. It’s worth checking to see if they’ll do some type of goodwill adjustment/repair.

TSB: 10-84-16R
Symptoms might indicate you are low on freon. Probably have a slow leak. Take it to a dealer or an independent shop that does A/C.

I have a 2014. A/C is pretty good. Yours should be. Go get it checked. Don't suffer! I know how hot it gets in East TN!!
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