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99 Subaru Forester Gas Leak see picture

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I have a 99 Subaru Forester that has a small gas leak on the rear driver side, I jacked the car up and took some pictures and it almost looks like there's some type of part connecting the two from the gas tank to the other line that goes to the engine (I think) I know I might need to take the rear seat out but I was just wondering if anyone here knows what I might need to buy or what that part may be.. see pictures. thank you!


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G'day & Welcome aboard. Sorry I'm not sure what that part is, it may be a part known as a "quick connector", but someone here will know for sure.

Not sure why you would need to take the back seat out when the connection is under the vehicle?

Also you'll need to release fuel pressure and drain the tank before working on it.

Place “NO FIRE” signs near the working area.
1) Disconnect the connector from fuel pump relay.
2) Start the engine and run it until it stalls.
3) After the engine stalls, crank it for 5 more seconds.
4) Turn the ignition switch to OFF.
• Place “NO FIRE” signs near the working area.
• Be careful not to spill fuel.
1) Set the vehicle on a lift.
2) Disconnect the ground cable from battery.
3) Open the fuel filler flap lid and remove fuel filler cap.
4) Lift-up the vehicle.
5) Drain fuel from the fuel tank.
Set a container under the vehicle and remove the drain plug from fuel tank.
6) Tighten the fuel drain plug.
Tightening torque:
26 N·m (2.7 kgf-m, 19.2 ft-lb)
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Thank you for the detailed information on draining the gas tank. The reason to take out the rear seat would be to get to the fuel filler neck as I'm think it's one of those lines connected to it? or maybe those fuel lines are the filler neck? any input would be great! thanks!
@slavik I see this is your first forum post, so welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

Looks like the fuel line at the quick connect fitting as rusted thru. It also looks like someone has been there previously, as that geared hose clamp isn't factory installed. :confused:

Your easiest fix might be to remove that fitting & running fuel line hose with double clamps on either end. Keep in mind the line with the quick connect fitting is the delivery line, which is always pressurized. In addition, if you replace any hoses on that line, it needs to be fuel injection pressure rated hose.

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Thanks! and yes I put that clamp on there as I thought it was leaking from there but it's not and it seemed like it needed a clamp there, it looks like I would need a new quick connect valve, would it be easier to fix by going underneath the car or taking out the rear seat and going about it that way as I saw on other posts, also where can I buy this part? thanks a lot!
also where can I buy this part? thanks a lot!

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updated. I'm in Waukesha Wisconsin. Thanks

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First, don't fiddle with the quick connect fitting until you're ready to address it. If it's near the point of failure, once disconnected, it may not reconnect! :icon_eek:

My guess, it's not the quick connect fitting that leaking, but the rusting of the metal fuel line. Depending how sound the metal fuel line is will dictate how you make the repair. :confused:


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