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I have a 99 USDM SF5 model S for which I need new struts/springs but I want to upgrade to firmer struts/springs but don't want to lower the car using WRX/STI struts/springs.

All threads I can search use WRX/STI USDM to improve the struts/springs but I want to maintain roughly the stock height so I don't bottom out with a full load or rub fenders by going too low.

Since the USDM SF5 is a "lifted" Impreza w/<>a 24" long strut while the WRX/STI is<>22" plus the springs on the SF5 are also longer. I am wondering what is the difference in strut/spring length between the USDM SF5 and the /EURO/JDM/ASIAN/NZ SF5? Are the struts the same length as USDM or longer/shorter; If the same length, would these new struts/springs from an SF5 STI/TURBO be a noticeable upgrade in firmness and worth sending to the US?

Looking for any suggestion that would allow firmer handling but maintain OEM ride height, including installing strut inserts.
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