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Hey guys.

Ive got a 99 Gt turbo forester that I’ve dropped in for a major service just recently.
Now Im not much of a car guy, but something seems a bit off.
Originally i had a bunch of work done to it, cost me upwards of $2000. I then went to drive it home (half hour away), didnt get very far before i realised the car excess oil that i was told was burning off was infact coolant from the main cooling hose that had burst off. I took the car back and they apologised and said it mustnt have been properly tightened and said leave it there for the night and theyd sort it. Next day i went back to get it, got to the first set of lights and the thing was idling so low that it died. Got it atarted again and went back. Mechanic told me that ‘he told the boss it needed a new set of sprk plugs but he wouldnt listen’ so i leave it there again.
From here ive been told that it wasnt the plugs, it was a busted connector for the plugs, and they had to wait on parts. And then from there i was told it wasnt that either, it was the main intake hose for the turbo, which theyve been trying to replace, but theyve now had that for over a week and are telling me its a massive job and is taking ages because theyve had to pull so much of the motor out to get to it.

Is there any truth in this or am i just being taken for a ride?

I should add, after the initial payment theyve said that everything else is free and they arent charging me for anything else. Its just taking a really long time.

Thanks guys

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@Beefcake95 I see you're new to the forum, so welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:
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