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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to show my '99 forester (193k miles) and get some suggestions on cheapest off-road mods that will be able to get me more clearance so I can get to more remote campsites and better views.

Looking to get a lift kit, skid plates, also get a set of smaller wheels that have a bit bigger all terrain tires to add a bit more clearance.
Anything else anyone can suggest that I should get?
I would like to keep my budget as low as possible since its a high mileage car already, so I was just going to hope someone on the forums have these used.

I use this car as my daily/surf/camp
I put a rooftop tent and a custom mounted roadshower4 on the roof. Is the roof rated for all that weight? Probably not, but I've driven up and down the coast and slept 2 adults + a dog and no problems so far and have had a blast with it

Thank you!

A692E2C9-E94D-4980-89F3-00E6280C2FBC.jpg 57778547-FEEC-478B-AE62-A0CF63A756DC.jpg IMG_8865.jpeg IMG_8849.jpeg

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That Forester looks like it's in great shape!

You've already got a bunch of stuff on the roof, but you could get a hitch and mount some stuff on the back (cargo, spare tire, gas cans, etc.). I just got a swing-away tire carrier, so I can have two spares. If you are off road and get a flat, that means that you need to be able to get back to civilization. You could also upgrade the lights or add fogs or ditch lights or roof lights.

I would put together at least a mini recovery/emergency kit. Here's what I would put in if I was worried about cost and space. I used to fit most of this underneath the cargo floor and the rest in a trunk organizer:

Foldable shovel
Sledge hammer
A few 24" lengths of 3/8" rebar
Tent stakes
Waterproof tarp or shadecloth
50-100' 1/4"-3/8" strong braided rope (I also carry paracord)
Better jack (bottle jack is easy to carry)
Platform for jack (plank of wood or paving stone)
Snatch strap - for being pulled out by another car
Tire inflator
Tire sealant/patch kit

Optional if space/cost allows:
Tow/winch strap - Different from a snatch strap, doesn't stretch
48" Hi-Lift or Smittybilt jack (can be used as a winch or jack)
Hi-Lift Lift-Mate (for lifting from the wheels)
Recovery tracks (for putting underneath your tires)
Hurricane fence stakes (these can be used as recovery points in a pinch)

And of course:
First-aid kit
Mylar emergency blankets
Matches/lighters/flint and firestarter
Microfiber packable towel
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