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99 forester Flasher Relay - can't find it?

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Howdy everybody, my name is Kevin and I'm in The Boise Idaho area.

My blinkers quit working. First, the failure was sporadic, now the flashers, (including hazards) won't work at all. I bought a new relay, but can't find the dang thing!

I've seen other posts about this topic, but have been unable to locate this little bugger! I've stuck my head under the dash more than a few times and I'm old, so will need to go see a chiropractor soon. Can anybody point me to clear instructions for my 99? Preferably with photos and gps coordinates. :)
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@Keveramma welcome to the forum from Oregon! :biggrin:

Take a look at this thread: Where is turn signal/emergency flasher relay located on 1999 Forester? - SOLVED!

Also take a look at the diagram below. :wink:


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