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2001 Forester Turbo 2L Automatic
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I have almost identical problems with my 'bargain' petrol turbo Forester, 2001 petrol turbo, 133,000 Kms. Drove fine on the test drive, but now when I start her up, smoke appears in the engine compartment, on the passenger side (LHD) but I can't see any hoses leaking. The oil and coolant levels seem to be normal and holding up. It's fine on long journeys, drives normally.
I've read loads of stuff in the forum and I reckon oil or other fluid is dripping from somewhere onto the exhaust.
My questions are:
Worth taking to a mechanic, and does it need to be a Subaru dealer (i.e add a 0 to the bill)?
Does it sound serious?
Likely causes: valve cover gasket or torn CV boot (where the heck are these things)?

I also have washer issues but I've got enough info from the forums to check out the motor.

Thanks in advance
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