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1997 2.00 S Turbo
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Burning smell.

Hi I have just acquired a '97 S turbo which has this problem and the inner c/v boot was split. Got this replaced but the smell remains. I only notice when idling or as soon as I turn the ignition off. Think I can see some oil, though not a lot, in the clinder head area, will take a closer look and let you know what I find. Just love the car, drove company cars for 40 years, mostly VAG, finally got something a bit different for my retirement and I can tweak it anyway I want. My son has an Imprezza and I really like it. My car is a Japanese spec. car imported to the UK. I think the original lump was 240BHP, but a previous owner tried to run it sans oil!. The present engine is ex a '97 Imprezza with the smaller turbo I believe is normally fitted to an automatic, I believe it gives me close to 200BHP which I am quite happy with. Any comments on this set-up would be appreciated.

Dave. (N. Ireland)
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