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+1 for torn CV boot. You can also do a visual of the cylinder heads and hard to reach areas with a handheld mirror and flashlight (reflect into mirror to illuminate underside) +1 as well for removing the under belly pan and do an inspection from that perspective. Because you are seeing smoke check especially above and around the exhaust pipe areas, since you are seeing smoke the oil must be burning on something hotter than the engine. Check the oil filter to see if it's leaking a bit, sometimes it's just not on tight enough and slowly drips.

As far as the windhield wiper washer is concerned, have a listen while someone operates the control, if you don't hear the pump, replacements can be bought at most auto supply stores, pretty simple.

The check engine light code can also be read at most auto supply places for free, ask them to explain what it was and what might need replacing, you can tell us back here as well (exact code, not I think it was...). Guessing is just that.
Caveat: you get what you pay for, looks like you've just started learning.
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