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98 Forester S CD question please

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I have a 98 Forester S with a single CD player. I had heard that these also came with a 6 disc changer that mounted under the passenger seat. Is this true, and if I found one could I put it in place of my single player? I saw this on ebay and wondered if it would work, although it is a clarion, not a factory set up...

Any help would be appreciated.
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If you decide to replace your stock cd player, I'll buy it from you, so long as your in the us

Edit: I also remember that the newer (correct me if I'm wrong) the newer cd players such as in the STI's and XTs with the indash 6 cd changer will also fit? anyone wanna page in here?
Yes - any double-DIN subaru radio will fit, except (possibly) for those used with the SVX, or the few high end systems (such as the McIntosh system found in the outback VDC).

I'd suggest you get the one found in the '02-03 impreza (see pic below) because it came with equipment on the '02 model. Will blend in with the rest of the interior, no problem. I've got one (takeoff from an '03 WRX) in my '98 L. Works like a charm. Sounds worlds better than the OEM tape deck too, FWIW. It was used across different models from 2002-2003, if memory serves. I think it made it into the legacy GT, outback, Baja, etc etc. They pop up on NASIOC and eBay all the time.

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Thanks for the input. I was unaware that a newer model radio would fit. I will keep my eyes open for one of those instead.

There are a whole mess of them up on ebay. Should cost $100, tops, and the install is a breeze.
I just bought a nice 6 disc factory changer that was taken out of a 2002 wrx and popped it into my 2002 Forester. Took me all of 15 minutes or so. Plug and play all the way. I had the single din factory casette with "pocket" underneath. The double din 6 disc changer mounts right up to the existing bracket. Piece of cake.

By the way I paid $75 and got it from a member at

There are a ton of wrx guys there that have upgraded to aftermarket that are willing to sell thier factory stuff pretty reasonably. Register and post a parts wanted message.

Good luck!

Reviving this thread: I happen to have a McIntosh unit/amp from an Outback that I was considering installing in my '98SF - does the unit not physically fit or is it not wired the same as the OEM radio/tape player, single-DIN unit? (as in not being a straight plug-and-play replacement).

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