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hey everyone, ive done some pretty extensive searching on this forum and other sites for information on this, but havent had any luck yet, hoping someone could help me out. i have a 1998 Forester L, that im in the process of installing a Bulldog BOA 265B Remote Starter/Keyless Entry, and ive ran into a few problems.
For the keyless entry harness it has 6 wires, described in the instructions as listed:
1 - Master switch side of the lock wire (shows +12v when master switch is in lock position, and (-) when the master switch is in the middle position.
2- Connect this wire to the other side of the lock wire. this is the motor side of the lock wire and it goes to the lock motor through the slave switch
3- 12v constant lead
4- Master switch side of the unlock wire
5-Connect to the other side of the unlock wire
6- 12v constant lead.

I'm having trouble finding where theyre talking about splicing before and after the master switch. Is this located in the doorpanel, or is this something that can be accessed in the 2 Blue plugs located above the fuse box? I tried a couple different configurations, with no luck as of yet. any help would be appreciated, thanks for reading
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