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Hey, everyone, I hope your all having a great start to the new year.

I own and drive a 97 Subaru Forester Limit Edition and recently it has been really rough even at idle it was having a misfire in number 1 so a second hand injector was installed and that has made a big difference where there isn't any misfires however the issue is now that when you put your foot down to take off the car has hesitations and struggles to get up to speed.

I have had this happen previously and it went away after a while me putting it down to bad fuel or something else to which I ran Injector Cleaner through and that seemed to had fixed the problem however this time it was worse.

So I have installed all brand new Plugs and Leads and also installed a second hand Coil Pack to see what would happen however the issue was still there till the injector was replaced the the misfire and running rough at idle was ok again.

What could cause this and what is hopefully a fix for this problem?

Many thanks
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