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Hi, I have an 06 Forester with a 2.5 engine. It was run out of oil and is toast. I also had a USA 2.2 from a1993 legacy that is in fabulous shape. The vin codes were the same and j thought it was a simple swap until I got in it. I kept the wiring harness throttle etc from the forrester and it all direct fit except the injectors. There were two grounds on one set and a single ground on the other. Tried merging the grounds and using the old injector connectors. Engine is in and will work with other or fuel directly added but the injectors aren't working. I'm hoping theres a solution I can trouble shoot everything but the computer. Am I SOL because of the age difference or is there a way to get the newer car to recognize the older engine. Not looking for a performance vehicle just want to be mobile again. Does anyone what the electrical values should be going to the Injectors? Or is there a way to bypass the ecu and run with less efficiency? Any advice would help.
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