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Hi everyone,

So I have a 2001 Forester S limited, I just bought it about 4 months ago.

The 6-disc CD changer just stopped working today, after working mostly fine for the past few months. It will eject CDs, it just won't play them. Everything else operates fine: the radio, even the cassette player!

Things I have tried:
- Turning it on and off again
- Ejecting and putting all CDs back in again.
- Giving the right and left side a few good smacks :p

I would prefer to not reconnect the battery, as honestly I don't know what I'm doing when I'm under the hood and I don't want to get electrocuted.

This is the sound it makes:

2001 Subaru Forester 6-disc CD changer jamming? - YouTube

Any suggestions? What do I have to do to fix it? I would prefer not to replace the whole unit - the dealership wanted to charge me an arm and a leg just to 'look at it'.
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