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6-disc CD changer problems

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Hi everyone,

So I have a 2001 Forester S limited, I just bought it about 4 months ago.

The 6-disc CD changer just stopped working today, after working mostly fine for the past few months. It will eject CDs, it just won't play them. Everything else operates fine: the radio, even the cassette player!

Things I have tried:
- Turning it on and off again
- Ejecting and putting all CDs back in again.
- Giving the right and left side a few good smacks :p

I would prefer to not reconnect the battery, as honestly I don't know what I'm doing when I'm under the hood and I don't want to get electrocuted.

This is the sound it makes:

2001 Subaru Forester 6-disc CD changer jamming? - YouTube

Any suggestions? What do I have to do to fix it? I would prefer not to replace the whole unit - the dealership wanted to charge me an arm and a leg just to 'look at it'.
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The unit is over 10 years old and you have no idea how it was treated. It is quite possible the mechanism is dirty and the laser carrier won't move or the lens on the laser is dirty ... most likely both. Like it or not, you are likely going to have to have it pulled and cleaned ... and hope that's all that's wrong with it.

After listening to the clip, it sure sounds like a mechanical problem. Again, I think it's dirty and needs cleaning, at the very least.
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